A Philippine Human Rights NGO providing Psychosocial Services and Rehabilitation to Internally Displaced Persons and Survivors of Torture and Organized Violence.

Primer on Internal Displacement in the Philipines (UNGPID)

pidpPrepared by the Balay Advocacy Program

The purpose of this primer is to draw attention to the IDP’s in the country not as a “collateral damage” in an armed conflict that is being waged in their name but as people endowed with human dignity, rights and capacities. This primer also intends a responsibility to the national authorities and other key actors to promote and protect the rights of the Internally Displaced Persons.

The Primer has translations in Cebuano, Filipino, Maguindanaon, Maranao, Sama and Tausug versions.
First Edition (English) 2003.
Revised Edition (Filipino, Cebuano, Maguindanaon, Tausug, Sama, Maranao) 2006.
5.5 x 8.50 inches (The number of pages vary depending on the translation).