A Philippine Human Rights NGO providing Psychosocial Services and Rehabilitation to Internally Displaced Persons and Survivors of Torture and Organized Violence.

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BALAY's Stand Point on the 2019 National Elections

As an organization of human rights defenders, Balay  endorses the following  10-point agenda for the 2019 national  election along with their critical aspects  which,  from its perspective, could be used as a yardstick by voters in making an informed decision on who among the candidates to support and whom to reject.

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BALAY and MMDJ5 partner to promote healthy well-being among its jail personnel and the detainees

BALAY Rehabilitation Center in partnership with the Bureau of Jail Management and Penology (BJMP) organized a psychoeducation activity to help jail personnel manage their work-related stress and  treat better the persons detained in their facility.  A total of 30 jail officers from Metro Manila District Jail 5 (MMDJ5)  participated in two separate workshops on stress management and self-care held in Tanay, Rizal on  March 2019.

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High Commissioner Bachelet calls on States to take strong action against inequalities

Bachelet highlights major human rights situations around the world in address to the UN Human Rights Council in Geneva

“Inequalities stir grievances and unrest; fuel hatred, violence, and threats to peace; and force people to leave their homes and countries. Inequalities undermine social progress, and economic and political stability. But human rights build hope. They bind humanity together with shared principles and a better future, in sharp contrast to the divisive, destructive forces of repression, exploitation, scapegoating, discrimination – and inequalities,”

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