A Philippine Human Rights NGO providing Psychosocial Services and Rehabilitation to Internally Displaced Persons and Survivors of Torture and Organized Violence.

Dialogos Vol. 1, Num. 1: Human Rights as the Practice of Pakikipagkapwa

dialogos volume 1, number 1 thumbnailThe first issue introduces the Dialogos as the newest publication of Balay that deals on psychosocial praxis, peace and human rights. It is an occasional publication that carries thematic articles that cover topics on related to psychosocial thoughts and practice, as well as relevant articles on human rights and peace. It aspires to stimulate the creation of a new understanding and insights of those situations as it strives to contribute to make positive changes in the conditions where we exist.

It tackles three related articles that serve as a contribution to human rights discourse on the culture of peace. These are Human Rights as the Practice of “Pakikipagkapwa”; Human Rights and Peace Building; and A Case Study on Mediation and Reconciliation as a Practice of ‘Culture of Peace’.