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Balay accredited by Caloocan City local government to promote the protection of young people from violence

Balay has obtained accreditation from the local government of Caloocan City making it eligible to participate in development councils and contribute in participatory governance accordingly.  Vice Mayor Macario “Maca”Asistio III awarded the certificate of accreditation to the Balay representatives during the regular session of the City Council on September 25, 2019.

More than 100 civil society organizations  have already been accredited by the city government since it invited non-profits and social development organizations to submit their application in July, Among them are members of the Caloocan City Civil Society Coalition (CCSC) where Balay is the lead convener. The CCSC consists of nine local and international CSOs that work to  promote the rights of young people and support programs that would increase their developmental opportunities. Altogether, its members undertake various programs in 22 barangays in the two districts of Caloocan City.

During the brief ceremony, Balay reiterated its intention to work with the local government to promote the protection of young people from violence and advocate for programs that would reduce their vulnerability from abuse, exploitation, ill treatment and torture.

Balay has a community-based alternative learning project in Caloocan City in partnership with the Department of Education. It has also provided psychosocial trainings and human rights orientation for social workers and staff who manage the facilities for child offenders under the local government.

Together with other CCSC members, Balay has contributed in the development and dissemination of the Caloocan City Children’s Code that was approved by the City Council in 2018. The coalition also undertakes efforts in crafting local ordinances to cascade the Children’s Code from city to barangay level.

With their official recognition from the local government, Balay and other CCSC members can  continue with their engagement in governance and  provide inputs on  the formulation of policies and on the directions the LGUs choose to take as provided for by the Local Government Code,

The Department of the Interior and Local Government, which laid down the guidelines for the accreditation of the CSOs, has acknowledged that local officials do not enjoy the monopoly of running LGU affairs and that governance, in this sense, is a shared responsibility among the local officials and the CSOs.