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We need a Chel in this world full of Thanos

Statement in Support for Atty. Chel Diokno’s run for Senate

Balay Rehabilitation Center

For the past 33 years, BALAY Rehabilitation Center continues to envision a society free from torture and aims to contribute in the attainment of human security and peace in the entire society. The organization serves witness to the atrocities and violence that continues to prevail. In fact, it was born out of the need to provide services and support for people who have been victims of torture and other inhumane, cruel and degrading treatment at the tail end of Martial law in 1985.

In pursuit of its vision and with the challenges that the country is continuously facing, BALAY recognizes the need for leaders that would champion for the protection of our rights as citizens. Leaders that would put forward bills and laws that safeguards human dignity and social justice regardless of social class. Leaders that speaks the truth and would speak against if necessary. Leaders who understands that the culture of fear, misogyny and the spreading of systematic lies shouldn’t be tolerated, and that violence is never an option.

We at Balay believes that Attorney Chel Diokno, son of late Senator and Balay Rehabilitation Center’s co-founding member Jose “Ka Pepe” Diokno, embodies these qualities.

Atty. Chel has been the chairman of Free Legal Assistance Group (FLAG), the largest group of human rights lawyers in the country that provides free legal assistance to the victims of human rights violations and civil liberties. Atty. Chel has a proven good track record of helping the oppressed and the marginalized by offering free legal assistance to those who cannot afford it. He helped win cases for the Lumads, teachers, small time fishermen and farmers among others.

We strongly agree that his platform on judicial reforms and promotion of social justice is vital and needed to progress development in this country. An efficient judicial system that does not only favor the rich and deliver speedy trial and punishment is key to stop corruption and criminality.

He would not come up with songs nor put up variety shows. He doesn’t have a mascot or a perfect “artista” smile. What he has is genuine commitment and dedication to help the poor and the oppressed. We are confident that he would hear our voices, he would raise our concerns and he would speak the truth. He wouldn’t snap his fingers with a promise to wipe out age old problems. Rather, he would offer solutions that are realistic, humane and just.

We need Chel in the Senate.

We need a Chel in this world full of Thanos.