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Bakit Bakwit Webisodes

Bakit Bakwit? (Why Bakwit?) is an initiative of CSA Core Volunteers in partnership with Human Rights Online Philippines and Balay Rehabilitation Center to raise awareness, popularize the issues of internally displaced people and upholding their rights as citizens.

The efforts of CSA Core Volunteers composed of students from College of St. Benilde includes generation of webisodes every Wednesday on what "bakwit" means and how to protect their rights. The partnership started last year as part of HR Online Philippines' KASA KA (Kampihan sa Karapatan) campaign initiative.

Check out some of their videos here: https://www.facebook.com/csaVolunteers/videos/1498639616925272/?hc_ref=ARTRRxddk6EXeeAEU_KdSkoYi28GM2vFjDkb_W2BR4ojnvxWRwGZXsRJN01zw_QRf0Y&fref=nf